School number 121265

no image The area of a postcode NR30 5QW is where a primary to post 16 school recorded in the Local Authority registry under the number 926 is located. The Local Authority responsible for the educational institution is placed in Norfolk. The school's unique reference number is 121265 and its establishment number is 7020. Pupils aged between 3 and 19 attend this educational institution. The educational institution is categorised as Special School and its category is Foundation Special School. The school's today status is open.
Educational institution number 131031 screen

Educational institution number 131031

The area of a postcode E13 8SR is where a primary and secondary school registered in the Local Governance register under...
Educational institution number 107148 screen

Educational institution number 107148

The area of a postal code S13 9HJ is where a secondary school registered in the Local Authority record under the number...