School no. 139148

no image The location of a postcode M21 7SL is where a secondary school reported in the Local Executive Authority registry under the number 352 is situated. Its name is Chorlton High School. The LA responsible for the school is placed in Manchester. The educational institution's unique reference number is 139148 and its registration number is 4281. Chorlton High School is placed in Manchester at Nell Lane. You can contact Chorlton High School at the following phone no. 0161 8821150. Chorlton High School is a mixed school. Pupils aged between 11 and 16 go to this school. The school is indexed as Academy (including Free Schools) and its classification is Academy - Converter Mainstream. The educational institution's current status is open.
Educational institution number 139766 screen

Educational institution number 139766

The area of a postcode TF4 3JS is where a secondary school reported in the LA record under the number 894 is located....
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School number 136723

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