no image The Local Executive Authority governing the school is placed in Lancashire. The school's unique reference number is 119814 and its identification number is 5405. The school's postcode is PR2 8RA. 01772 717782. Pupils aged between 11 and 16 go to this school. The school is classified as Maintained School and its category is Voluntary Aided School. The school's today status is open.
School no. 106166 screen

School no. 106166

The location of a postal code SK8 6RQ is where a primary to post 16 school recorded in the LA registry under the no. 356...
School no. 138327 screen

School no. 138327

The location of a postcode LE9 7PA is where a secondary school enlisted in the Local Governance register under the no....
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$200000 00 worth of building permit was given to an Architect type contractor : Massey William John. Permit -...
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$25000 00 worth of building permit was given to an Owner type contractor named Sprint Communications. This corporation...