Educational institution number 139625

no image The area of a postal code PE23 5HU is where a primary to post 16 school enrolled in the Local Executive Authority registry under the number 925 is located. The Local Governance supervising the school is situated in Lincolnshire. The school's unique reference number is 139625 and its ID number is 7024. 01790 752441. Learners aged between 2 and 19 go to this school. The school's today status is open.
Educational institution number 139766 screen

Educational institution number 139766

The area of a postcode TF4 3JS is where a secondary school reported in the LA record under the number 894 is located....
School number 136723 screen

School number 136723

The area of a postcode HP11 1TB is where a secondary and post 16 school signed up in the Local Governance register under...