Educational institution number 106363

no image The area of a postcode M31 4BU is where a secondary school registered in the Local Executive Authority registry under the number 358 is located. Its name is Broadoak School. The Local Executive Authority governing the educational institution is located in Trafford. The educational institution's unique reference number is 106363 and its authorisation number is 4012. Broadoak School is located in Manchester at Warburton Lane. You can call Broadoak School at the following telephone number 0161 7761977. Broadoak School is a mixed educational institution. Learners aged between 11 and 16 go to this educational institution. The educational institution is classified as Maintained School and its category is Foundation School. The educational institution's present status is closed.
Educational institution number 131031 screen

Educational institution number 131031

The area of a postcode E13 8SR is where a primary and secondary school registered in the Local Governance register under...
Educational institution number 107148 screen

Educational institution number 107148

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