Educational institution no. 136451

no image The location of a postal code SR8 1NX is where a secondary school registered in the LA record under the number 840 is placed. Its name is The Academy at Shotton Hall. The Local Governance supervising the educational institution is placed in Durham. The educational institution's unique reference number is 136451 and its identification number is 4215. The Academy at Shotton Hall is placed in Peterlee at Passfield Way. You can contact The Academy at Shotton Hall at the following phone number 0191 5180222. The Academy at Shotton Hall is a mixed educational institution. Students aged between 11 and 16 attend this educational institution. The educational institution is categorised as Academy (including Free Schools) and its category is Academy - Converter Mainstream. The educational institution's current status is open.
School no. 138382 screen

School no. 138382

The area of a postcode MK2 2HB is where a secondary school signed up in the Local Governance registry under the number...
Educational institution number 131258 screen

Educational institution number 131258

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