no image $50000 00 worth of building permit was given to an Owner type contractor named Kenneth Jones. This business entity has its headquarters in Chicago, 2921 W Harrison St , IL, zip-code 60612. Permit - Renovation/Alteration 100195302 was registered on 10/12/2007. The location of the permitted building is 2944 Lexington ST, Chicago (41 872037178,-87 700302481).
worki na gruz Warszawa
Gruz Wóz
ul.Jagiellońska 47G
03-301 Warszawa
Telefon: 22 125 5165
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$450 00 worth of permit was given to a Contractor-Electrical type contractor named Enertouch, Inc . This business has...
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$1 00 worth of building permit was given to a Contractor-General Contractor type contractor : Fj Development...
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School no. 106166

The location of a postal code SK8 6RQ is where a primary to post 16 school recorded in the LA registry under the no. 356...
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School no. 138327

The location of a postcode LE9 7PA is where a secondary school enlisted in the Local Governance register under the no....